The following values govern me

Experience and expertise

I have the knowledge, skills, and expertise acquired through practical application in the workplace. I can give individuals and corporations a deeper understanding of their field, enabling them to tackle challenges more effectively and contribute to their overall competency and success.


Taking responsibility for my actions and decisions means acknowledging that I am accountable for the choices I make and the outcomes they generate. It involves accepting the successes and failures as a direct result of my actions. By doing so, I understand that my decisions impact others and take ownership of the positive or negative consequences.


Adaptability is a valuable trait that allows individuals to adjust and thrive in ever-changing circumstances. It involves being flexible, open-minded, and willing to learn new skills or approaches. Adaptable individuals embrace change as an opportunity for growth, readily shifting their mindset and strategies to align with evolving situations.


 I am dedicated to upholding the highest standards of conduct, consistently aiming to make ethical choices and demonstrate integrity, even in situations where my actions might go unnoticed.

Passion and commitment

I am deeply committed to pursuing my goals with enthusiasm and unwavering dedication. Whether in the spotlight or behind the scenes, I consistently strive to do what is right, driven by a genuine passion for my pursuits.

My Why

As a Leader

I am passionate about serving others. Serving fills me with satisfaction. Serving is an art and a cutting-edge tool to be of value to other entrepreneurs and our community. But serving goes beyond just meeting client expectations. It is about creating lasting relationships built on trust, integrity, and mutual respect. I genuinely care about the success of my customers. I am a partner, working hand in hand with entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and achieve their vision. I can continue expanding my knowledge and skills to serve others better in this ever-evolving business landscape by always contributing to their growth and success and going the extra mile for my clients.

On a Personal Level

I enjoy simple things in life. I enjoy a glass of water, a walk on the beach, backpack-traveling, a cold beer in summer, and an excellent red wine in winter. I enjoy writing poems to my “Significant Other.” I treasure my friends; I have few but of extraordinary quality. I adore my siblings Katy and Jose. I love cooking and spending time with my kids Zarah (Z), Alejandro (Chino) and Grace (Mona). I believe in “Papa Dios,”. I believe in love, compassion, respect, action, evolution, free transit through the emotions that correspond to us, time in solitude, and Dancing a lot. It would help if you danced to the music life plays.


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